“Overheatus mylaptopus” is it lurking inside YOUR Laptop?

Is your Laptop getting hot? Is it uncomfortable to actually have it on your lap?

overheatus mylaptopus
Then you may have “overheatus mylaptopus” lurking inside your laptop….This is a combination of dust, dead skin and hair from your home or office that is gathered up by the fan and blown onto the heat-sink. The heat-sink is designed to keep your laptop cool and once your laptop has this condition it is TERMINAL. This specimen was taken from a dead laptop it had overheated and blown the main board.

If you have these symptoms then seek technical advice immediately. It is a fairly painless operation that will enable your laptop to have a full and happy extended life. We never put a healthy laptop down.

This simple service costing just £20 can be carried out same day so no overnight stay worrying if your laptop will make it through the night. We will remove all traces of this nasty infection but cannot guarantee this will not reinfect at some time in the future, so please keep a check on its temperature at all times.

Call now before its too late

 01271 376345 or for a quicker emergency response 07703583538